Course Description and Goals

Course Description and Goals: This course examines the historical role of Black Americans and the changing contours that shaped their involvement in international affairs and foreign policy. Situating the Black Freedom movement in the context of global freedom movements we will use historical text, literature, art and contemporary movements to examine the political, social, economic, and cultural factors that shaped African American identity in the United States and that led to the development of a unique and distinct ‘black foreign policy’.  We will also explore how the civil rights movement changed the socio-economic and political landscape that has led to a tripartite black body politic one elite, middle and working class and how the social and economic location of these three groups makes it increasingly more difficult to conceptualize a ‘black foreign policy and/or international perspective’.

Course Objectives

  • Students will gain an historical perspective about African descendant people’s involvement in international affairs and foreign policy.
  • Students will use multimedia content to analyze International Affairs issues.
  • Students will develop their analytical, critical, and public speaking skills through dialogical engagement with fellow students.
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