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Supplementary Articles
Whatever the Motives, Aid From Chavez a Good Thing
By Gregory Stanford
Posted: Jan. 20, 2007

Where is the Rage Over Sean Bell
By Nicholas Powers | January 30, 2007

Supporters: Ex-militants held in cop slaying were tortured
POSTED: 9:25 a.m. EST, January 29, 2007

A Call to Conscience: The Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. © The Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Beyond Vietnam”
Address delivered to the Clergy and Laymen
Concerned about Vietnam, at Riverside Church
4 April 1967 – New York City
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

“President Bush’s call to create an Africa Command is a dangerous step towards the further militarization of the continent. This is a tangible step towards hazardously and formally extending his ‘war on terror’ to the continent of Africa.”
–Nicole Lee, Executive Director, TransAfrica Forum

Mussolini’s Ethiopia Campaign

The Institute Review Reflections on Race and Social Thought, Quarterly, March 2007 Issue I
The Institute For The Study of Race and Social Thought (ISRST) The ISRST Review

The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency
Mahmood Mamdani

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Foreign Policy, Race, and the New American Century

Reviews: Lusane analyzes the impact of race on U.S. foreign policy by examining how former Secretary of State Colin Powell and current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have constructed current policy. He argues that African Americans have a long history of participating in U.S. foreign policy and that blacks serving in foreign-policy posts in previous administrations have embraced their racial identities and stressed racial equality in the world. This, he writes, was owing to the historical racism experienced by blacks in the United States. According to Lusane, Powell and Rice have not embraced their racial identities unless doing so has promised to advance the Bush administration’s agenda; instead, both champion the idea of individualism. This break with tradition has upset many in the African American community….Recommended.
—Library Journal
August 2006

AFRICOM: Wrong for Liberia, Disastrous for Africa
Written by Ezekiel Pajibo and Emira Woods
Tuesday, 31 July 2007
Source: Foreign Policy In Focus

Domestic/Foreign Policy Websources
Department of State Home Page

Council on Foreign Relations

Foreign Policy In Focus (A progressive foreign policy think tank without walls)

US-ASEAN Business Council

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

Diversity as Foreign Policy Asset by Michael Werz, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Black Agenda Report
CBC Monitor:  Caucus Sisters Shine, Brothers Lag Behind: An Analysis of Their Voting Records by Gender by CBC Monitor’s Leutisha Stills

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Diagnoses of HIV/AIDS — 33 States, 2001–2005
Black gay men are at the apex of African Americans at risk for HIV/AIDS, according to CDC data. Black women are 20 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than white women and black men are twice as likely to become HIV-positive as black women. Of the 58,287 black men diagnosed with HIV between 2001-2005, 30,154 were gay and bisexual, according to the report  (MMWR. 56(9), March, 9 2007).  Centers for Disease Control report on the state of HIV/AIDS in the African American community.  Their report in the  March 9, 2007 56(9) indicates that we are loosing the war on HIV/AIDS.   Although we account for a paltry 13% of the US population we shoulder a disproportionately higher rate of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, 50.5%.  We are loosing the war.  What will you do to stop the spread of HIV? Get tested.

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